Olivia Thirlby Revisits Juno, Dredd and Details Her Very Unusual Casting Process for Y: The Last Man


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Olivia Thirlby just added a mighty exciting title to her filmography, and it was a title that was a bit unexpected for her. It’s FX’s Y: The Last Man.

Based on the DC Comics’ series from Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra, the show covers what happens when an apocalyptic event kills every mammal with a Y chromosome minus two individuals — Yorick Brown (Ben Schnetzer) and his monkey, Ampersand. With the world in disarray, survivors do what they can to rebuild and carve out a better path forward. For Thirlby’s character, Yorick’s sister Hero Brown, that means doing what she can to keep herself and her best friend Sam (Elliot Fletcher) safe while juggling the sting of the rift between her and her mother (Diane Lane) and also the weight of a very traumatic pre-event experience.

With Y: The Last Man now well into its Season 1 run, Thirlby took the time to join us for an episode of Collider Ladies Night. Given how much she’s accomplished over the years, there was a lot to cover including her experience making her first feature, The Secret, working with a Diablo Cody script on Juno and addressing the continuing sequel enthusiasm for Dredd. You can hear about all of that and her experience bringing Hero Brown to screen in Y: The Last Man in this episode of Collider Ladies Night!

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