017: Cajun Culture, Food and Engineering with Joey Broussard, PE


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In this episode of Coffee Talk, we hear from Subsidiary Regional Manager Joey Broussard, PE from ECS Florida, LLC. While he lives in Florida now, Joey shares about his family history and Cajun culture as well as his start in the engineering consulting field and the growth of the Jacksonville office.

Coffee Talk: From the Ground Up is an ECS Podcast created to build intentional connections with our employees. From company news to career stories, this podcast is educational, entertaining and encouraging with practical advice you can apply directly to your life.

Have a topic idea, question or comment? Contact ecsmarketing@ecslimited.com. Episode transcripts are available on the ECS website at https://www.ecslimited.com/categories/podcast.

Music was composed, performed and produced at Insomnia Recording Studios in Cedar Park, Texas by Adam Donovan and ECS team member Tyler Olfers.

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