Building the Next Layer of Innovation with Dhiraj Sharan


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Dhiraj Sharan, CEO and founder of Query.AI, joins me this week on Cloud Native Startup.

With a career that spans over 20 years in cybersecurity, Dhiraj has seen the swift adoption of multi-cloud environments and SaaS apps. In this episode, Dhiraj discusses the importance of evolving your product as the world changes and why you should ask yourself, “How can I be innovative for the next layer?” Dhiraj also gives his younger self advice on the cybersecurity game of chess and much more.


  • What led Dhiraj to pursue Query.AI? (0:23)
  • Dhiraj shares ideas that he ultimately didn’t pursue (3:52)
  • The importance of evolving and the layers of innovation. (5:30)
  • The difference between being a founder and being an early employee. (8:52)
  • Advice Dhiraj would give himself if he could go back 20 years. (10:19)
  • Dhiraj’s advice on building a company. (11:52)
  • Security team budgets and creating an ROI calculator. (13:11)
  • Query.AI’s “unique” struggle. (18:47)
  • CSO’s general response to Query.AI. (20:03)
  • Dhiraj reflects on lessons learned and the importance of understanding your customer. (21:48)
  • Dhiraj on the entrepreneur in everyone. (23:32)


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