Ep 8: Predatory Marriage is a global scandal, ruining lives and causing misery


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Episode 8 of Chris Sweeney Talks To features Daphne Franks.
She's a global voice on the issue of Predatory Marriage. Sadly, she only discovered the phenomeon after being informed after her beloved mother died, that she had taken a new "husband". The man took all of Daphne's mother's estate and even had full legal control of her funeral. She is buried in an unmarked grave, despite wishing to be cremated.
Daphne used the heartbreak to raise awareness and has campaigned about the issue, which is happening everywhere around the world.
The common targets are vulnerable elderly people, who often get married without their consent or understanding of what is happening. For example, dementia sufferers can't remember what they did an hour ago, but are groomed by the predator and presented as willing participants in the marriage.
It's a shocking practice and proves that it's not only the young who are vulnerable to predators.
Chris Sweeney is a feature writer and author. Follow him at @writes_sweeney

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