Ep 13: Buying a diamond? It's likely a blood stone financing rogue regimes abusing human rights like Israel


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Episode 13 of Chris Sweeney Talks To features human rights activist, with a special interest in the diamond industry, Sean Clinton.
He discusses why the general public don't realise that conflict and blood diamonds are two very different things. There is also the issue of why the diamond industry allows blood diamonds to exist.
Sean goes on to discuss how big a role Israel plays in the diamond industry and how that income helps funds its military action in Palestine. The UAE has also become a big player recently and Sean reveals how that regime uses free trade ports to maximise income.
The overall conclusion is; blood diamonds are everywhere and even with The Kimberley Process and certificates, it's hard to know exactly where your stone came from.
Find out more by following Sean on Twitter @wardiamonds
Chris Sweeney is a feature writer and author. Follow him at @writes_sweeney

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