Amy Walter: Six Months Until Midterms… What Do We Know?


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Can we talk politics? In the last weeks on this podcast, we’ve talked about racism, our shrinking diplomacy, the Mueller investigation, how democracies die, and more. But we ought not forget: it’s the political elections that deliver the policies that define our democracy. Not happy with how things are going? You might want to vote. Thrilled? Well, you may want to, also. So where’s our Midterm vote headed? Who’s up, who’s down, where’s the Blue Wave – and how much do particular candidates actually matter, or is all politics today really just about Donald Trump? Amy Walter is the person to talk to. Amy is National Editor of The Cook Political Report and simply one of best political journalists around. She’s the former ABC News Political Director. Her weekly column is must-read. When she’s not writing, you regularly see her on one of the television political shows. And now, starting in June, she’ll be Friday host of The Takeaway on WNYC. There’s no avoiding Amy.

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