Ep. 18 - Teaching Through Trauma: From Chaos to Community - Sara Bray


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"In the times that we are in, trying to reach students, encouraging them to be themselves, and giving them that safe space is so important. I've learned so much about how unwelcoming the world is for some of my students, and I like that they feel comfortable and safe in my classroom."
Sara Bray is entering her seventh year as the choral director at St. Amant High School in Ascension Parish, Louisiana. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of South Dakota and her master's degree in choral conducting from the University of North Dakota. Sara currently serves as the High School Coordinator for the District IV Choral Directors Association where she organizes the Louisiana Music Educators Association round one auditions as well as the District IV Honor Choir. Sara is an active performer, singing soprano with the Baton Rouge Early Vocal Ensemble and performing on stage with Ascension Community Theatre. She has also music directed stage productions with ACT and the St. Amant High School Theatre.

To get in touch with Sara, you can find her on Facebook (@sara.ottemanbray) or email her at sara.bray@apsb.org .
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