My Secret Life


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I released this mix 9 years ago under my previous pseudonym DJ Seroton in a series called Unwind. It was inspired by the first track, In My Secret Life, by the late Leonard Cohen.

It was a personal mix to some extent. The following words by Gregory L. and Brenda Person sum up how I was feeling at the time. Perhaps you can relate to it. Either way, I hope you enjoy it. It certainly brings back memories for me.

“There are so many secrets about life I will never know. I may never know what road I should have taken, the one less travelled or the one I know.
There are the could haves, the maybes, should haves, never haves and must haves but will I ever know? Will I ever know for sure what life is really like? Will it be chock-full of promises or filled with disappointing doubts?
Who am I? Where am I going? Will I travel down the road of life not making a single stop? Will I recognize that awkward moment when my future is in sight?
I think before I bare my soul, I hold some back. Have I ever given my whole?
I may not be the person you see. There is no way of knowing all the possibilities that life could be.
Some of life’s secrets are meant to be kept forever more.”

My Secret Life by Gregory L. and Brenda Person

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Leonard Cohen ― In My Secret Life

John O’Callaghan vs. Neptune Project ― Rhea (Chillout Mix)

Bliss ― Remember My Name

Vitam Venturi feat. Ben Hatten ― Walking On Clouds Part 1

Enigma ― From East To Innocence (DJ Seroton’s Mashup)

Kira B.M.J. ― Stars Above The Beach

Blank & Jones ― Balearic Blue

Ulrich Schnauss ― As If You’ve Never Been Away

Corderoy ― Born Again

Vargo ― Relax (Blank & Jones, Vargo Vocal Remix)

Chris Coco ― My Beach House

Jon Hopkins ― Afterlife

Enigma ― Goodbye Milky Way

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