CLLJP. EP. 275. Chenelle's life of day and Language learning update.


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Today on Chenelle‘s language learning journey podcast. I give update on my life and the changes within it along with my language learning progress this year. If you enjoy the episode please follow, share and review the podcast with anyone who enjoys language learning in on all platforms where podcast or download it at. If you would like 20% off any of the UT AL K.COM courses please click on the link provided below: UTA. K/CHENELLE and you will be able to go to my UT AL K.COM page and sign up for either a monthly, yearly, or buy yearly subscription of any of the 146 languages that UT ALK.COM has the offer. If you would like to get 35% off any of the 16 languages thatmichelthomas.COM website has to offer you can put in the promotional code provided below: AFMTCHN and you will get $35 off any of the 16 languages of your choice. Finally, you can click on any of the episodes where are reviewed any of the innovative language learning courses and click on the link provided below in order to get 20% off any of the 34 languages the innovative language learning has the offer. Thank you so much for your support I greatly appreciate it. Remember, language learning is a journey. Not a race. Enjoy the process. Enjoy the podcast and I will see you in the next episode of Chenelle‘s language learning journey podcast. Happy language learning everyone and happy holidays too. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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