TSCA 'critical use' exemptions; EU BPR derogations 'cliff edge'; SCIP database worries


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In this latest episode of the Chemical Watch Podcast, North America managing editor Terry Hyland talks about the upturn in requests to the US EPA to consider exempting certain ‘critical uses’ from potential regulatory activity under TSCA – a development which appears to be driven by a ramping up of risk management activity under the amended law.

Also on the podcast, global managing editor, Kate Lowe, is joined by Chemical Watch biocides editor Vanessa Zainzinger and business editor Leigh Stringer.

They discuss what happens when derogations made under a clause in the EU biocidal products Regulation for the production of disinfectants in the wake of coronavirus Covid-19, expire in September.

Finally, staying with Europe, the conversation turns to industry’s readiness to submit data on substances of concern in products to Echa’s SCIP database.

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