Priority substance registration in India, Canadian Environmental Protection Act update, Thailand and the OECD MAD system


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In this edition of the Chemical Watch Podcast, news editor Charlotte Niemiec, North America managing editor Terry Hyland, and Asia desk editor David Macfarlane join global managing editor Kate Lowe to discuss three stories from the week.

Firstly, we take a look at recent developments in India where the latest draft of the country’s upcoming chemicals law has been circulated to industry groups, revealing an ambitious 18-month timeframe for registration of priority substances imported in volumes above one tonne per year.

Then we turn to Canada where the country’s minority government has said it plans to modernise the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) in a move that could bring stronger action on substances of high concern and other regulatory updates to the country’s 20-year-old toxic substances law.

Finally we head back to Asia to discuss Thailand which has become the latest country to join the OECD system for the mutual acceptance of data which removes the need for duplicate testing of products marketed in other countries which are also party to the scheme.

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