EU chemicals strategy latest; TSCA Snur worries; CLP hazard class proposal


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In this latest episode of the Chemical Watch Podcast, global managing editor, Kate Lowe, is joined by editorial director Geraint Roberts, North America managing editor Terry Hyland and science editor Andrew Turley.

First, we hear more about a leaked European Commission internal document which shows early health and environmental protection commitments for an ambitious new EU chemicals strategy for sustainability, are likely to be significantly amended.

Secondly, we take a look at the concerns of trade groups representing the semiconductor industry, automotive manufacturers, retailers and moreover the difficulties they may face meeting notification requirements in the US EPA’s recent TSCA significant new use rule covering certain long-chain per- and poly-fluoro-alkyl substances (PFASs).

And finally, we discuss the significance of endocrine disruptors – and a European Commission ‘preliminary view’ that the creation of new hazard classes is the best way to include endocrine disruptors (EDs) in the CLP Regulation which covers the classification and labelling of substances and mixtures.

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