EU chemical strategy plea, cosmetics registration in China, update on Colombia and Pakistan


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In this edition of the Chemical Watch Podcast, global managing editor Kate Lowe is joined by Europe reporter Kathryn Carlson, Asia reporter Ellen Daliday and emerging markets reporter Ginger Hervey to discuss three big topics from the week's news.

Firstly, we take a look at the intervention last week by environment ministers from ten European countries in the debate over Europe’s chemicals strategy for sustainability – just as crucial discussions finalising the official text were due to take place.

Next we move to China where recently published draft technical guidance on cosmetics registration suggests the country is moving closer to removing the requirement for mandatory animal tests for certain cosmetics – even while use of the tests could be set to increase under China’s regulation on new chemicals.

Finally, we examine the latest steps of two developing economies – Pakistan and Colombia – to establish national chemicals management regimes.

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