California's cosmetics bill; UK REACH data deadlines and consultation changes; TSCA final scope documents and fees list


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In this week's episode, North America reporter Jon Kelvey talks about the significance of a bill which has been passed in California restricting more than a dozen substances from cosmetic products and banning the manufacture or sale of cosmetics containing those substances from January 2025.

Also on the podcast, global managing editor, Kate Lowe, is joined by Europe correspondent Clelia Oziel who reveals the thinking behind the UK government's decision to give industry more time – up to six years in some cases – to complete registration dossiers under the UK REACH which comes into being on 1 January 2021.

And staying with the transition to UK REACH, Europe reporter Kathryn Carlson talks about the UK government’s disbanding of the expert trade advisory group for the chemicals sector – a move which NGOs fear could lead to compromises on environmental protection and health as the country negotiates post-Brexit trade deals involving chemicals.

Finally, we return to the US and hear from North America managing editor Terry Hyland about the publication last Friday by the US Environmental Protection Agency of the final scope documents for risk evaluation of 20 high-priority substances under TSCA. Also on Friday the final list was released of companies that will be responsible for paying a share of the $1.35m fee that comes with each risk evaluation. So a big day for chemicals management.

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