Tiger Abrodi Chats About Advancing Your Skills


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The path of teaching yourself to code isn't for the faint of heart. It takes consistency, discipline, and the ability to recognize you're actually making progress. Tutorials are an excellent tool, but they are also a trap.

If all you do are tutorials, retaining the skills you learn is going to be extremely difficult. Without applying those skills they aren't going to become ingrained, and you aren't going to see how they're used in context. You also won't make progress if you aren't being consistent. Without consistency, your skills will fade and when you start coding again you'll have to relearn things instead of advancing on to more advanced topics.

In this episode, Tiger Abrodi chats about how he uses projects, habits, and self-assessment to consistently advance his skills as a programmer.


  • Take 20 minutes to do a little self-evaluation and assess how well your professional growth as a developer is going.
  • Write down some specific habits that you want to develop to help you with your goals

Guest: Tiger Abrodi

Host: Kent C. Dodds

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