Daria Caraway Chats About TypeScript


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TypeScript has been taking over, and for good reason. Have you ever had good end-to-end or integration tests that ended up being invaluable during some refactoring? You can think of TypeScript in the same way. It's amazing when it's done well, but when done poorly it's misleading and a huge headache.

Because of this, migrating to TypeScript is not a magic bullet. When converting large pieces of code from JavaScript to TypeScript you need to be cautious about typing things correctly, don't be afraid of using unknown and moving on if you're unsure.

In this episode, you'll learn more about these realities of working with TypeScript and why it's all totally worth it!


  • TypeScript Users: Take a look at five interfaces you wrote recently and see if you can refactor them to make them easier to read for the next person.
  • Non-TypeScript Users: Think about the last complex code that you had to interface with and whether it would have been easier to interface with if it had types.

Guest: Daria Caraway

Host: Kent C. Dodds

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