Bianca Gandolfo Chats With Kent About Lifestyle Design


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We're all really busy but we are also ambitious and have goals, but a lot of the time those goals aren't defined so well.

It's important that our goals are well defined and manageable, we're hard on ourselves when we aren't making progress towards them. You want to expend your energy on the things that are providing you with value, and when you expend your energy beating yourself up, it's worse than wasted energy because it's energy directed at making life worse for you.

Bianca started Code and Coffee to take people through the process of refining and focussing their goals and breaking them down into achievable bite-sized chunks that they work on for 15 minutes a day during morning coffee. You can do this yourself too!


  • Keep a self-awareness journal for seven days. Every night, write down all of the feelings that you had that day
  • Take 15 minutes every day to work toward a goal. Try it for a week and see how you feel


Guest: Bianca Gandolfo

Host: Kent C. Dodds

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