#136 - Josh Dague, VP of Engineering at WeFunder, HIRING: Software Engineer: React, Rails, SQL


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Apply Here: bit.ly/3gX7q4w
WeFunder is looking for an engineer who can help them wrangle complex systems and delight users along the way. As a Wefunder engineer, you'll have a tremendous amount of influence, ability to make a huge impact, and be expected to work on a little of everything. There's no red tape. It's a small team, and they move fast.
This posting covers engineers of all levels, including Junior, Senior, and beyond. They prefer Junior Engineers with at least 1 year of professional experience. They expect everyone to contribute to the best of their knowledge and abilities, and those expectations will scale with your seniority level.
They're looking for frontend, full-stack, and backend engineers.
Some examples of projects you could be working on include:
1.) Fun banking software. They've built their own money management tools to handle $70M investments from 85k transactions. Securities regulations add extra fun.
2.) Their own version of Mattermark. They have thousands of companies fundraising on Wefunder, and they'll need algorithms to identify and curate the best ones.
3.) Tools for founders, e.g. built-in analytics. Their business grows whenever they make fundraising easier for founders. Why make founders integrate Google Analytics when they can provide those insights by default?
Tech Stack: Javascript, CSS, React, Ruby on Rails, Postgres, SQL

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