The Celtic View Podcast 2022/23 EP 5 - Derby day victory and Real Madrid build-up


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The #CelticViewPodcast returns for a new series for the new season, as each week we delve into all the talking points from the weekend’s action across the first team, B team and women’s team. In Episode 5, Celtic View reporter Ryan Maher is joined by women’s manager Fran Alonso as they look back on an incredible afternoon at Celtic Park on Saturday as the Bhoys put in a sensational display to win the Glasgow derby 4-0. As a life-long Real Madrid fan, Alonso is the perfect person to join the pod as the pair take an in-depth look at the Real team as we look ahead to the huge Champions League tie on Tuesday night. Spanish football expert Alvaro Romeo also joins to provide an update on Real Madrid’s form and see where Celtic can hurt Carlo Ancelotti’s side. It’s also a big day for the young Hoops as they take on Real Madrid in the UEFA Youth League and coaches Darren O’Dea and Stephen McManus preview the European tie. With Fran Alonso on, the pair also review the women’s start to the season and break down the team’s objectives for the season. #CelticFC #UCL

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