Celtic View Podcast Ep6 from Warsaw – The big Shakhtar preview Donetsk with Cameron Carter-Vickers


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The Celtic View Podcast returns for a new series for the new season, as each week we delve into all the talking points from the weekend’s action across the first team, B team and women’s team. In Episode 6, Celtic View reporter Ryan Maher brings the pod to you from Warsaw, where Celtic will play their second Champions League group stage match away to Shakhtar Donetsk. Before flying out to the Polish capital city, he sat down with Cameron Carter-Vickers to preview the big European match and also find out how life is as a Celtic player, just over a year on from his debut. The USA international then takes on the 60 second quiz as he tries to beat the top score of seven. There’s also insight into opposition for the Champions League match, as Ukrainian footballer journalist, Andrew Todos, goes in-depth about Shakhtar Donetsk and highlights the key men the side.

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