What Makes A “Best of the Best” Social Impact Initiative?


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For Momentum is a leading cause marketing agency that helps companies and nonprofits prosper through partnership and sponsor of this year's "Best of the Best" Halo Award. In this episode, For Momentum Founder and President Mollye Rhea drops by to talk with Megan and Alli about this year's winning partnership between Google.org and The Trevor Project and what made them the unanimous choice for judges.

Mollye outlines some of For Momentum's research highlighting what it takes to create a best in class initiative (hint: it's not always sexy!) as well as the four elements that must be present, which include:

  • An authentic, long-term commitment (not just to the partnership but to true mission impact)
  • Equal partnership activation by participating organizations
  • Multi-channel activation
  • The generation of significant resources for the nonprofit organization

Tune in to hear more from Mollye, including her insights on how the social impact field has evolved over the years and the trends she's counseling her clients to pay close attention to.

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