Want True Allyship? Change Your Brain First with Chris Jarvis


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In this episode of Cause Talk Radio we’re doing something a little different.

Last month we had the honor of hearing from Realized Worth's Chris Jarvis in a webinar called Leveraging Employee Volunteering To Build Equity And Empathy.

And in this webinar Chris walked us through a few truly fascinating concepts as it relates to creating allies in the workplace and how volunteering can help us be true allies instead of performative ones.

But what was most interesting about this webinar and why we wanted to share a piece of it with you today is that Chris talks about neuroscience and why we behave the way we do. It’s has to do with the wiring of our brains and why the human brain resists having to learn hard things and how to overcome that phenomenon.

This short webinar excerpt also introduces something called a “Disorienting Dilemma”. Chris explains what it s and why it’s so critical for learning.

If you want to hear the full webinar, check out the link below!

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