Embedding Inclusion For the LGBTQ Community From the Inside Out: Macy’s and The Trevor Project


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It’s Pride month so this episode is all about putting authenticity to work – and how Macy’s embeds the support and inclusion of the LGBTQ community into how they think, act and operate – from the inside out.

Megan is joined by Macy’s Michelle Hall and Bridget Thomsen as well as The Trevor’s Project’s Shira Kogan to discuss their deep history of partnership in supporting LGBTQ youth together.

Macy’s has a long history of supporting the LGBTQ community in a way that is supported both internally and externally as well as top-down and bottom up. In short, they’re checking all the right boxes when it comes to issue advocacy.

Michelle, Bridget, Shira and Megan discuss what makes this partnership unique, how Trevor supports Macy’s in internal employee education and training and how Macy’s turns their support for the LGBTQ community outward to include customers as well.

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