Cottonelle And BLKHLTH Partner To De-Stigmatize "Down There Care"


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Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths among Americans, with Black Americans having a 40% higher death rate compared to White Americans.

To help address this racial disparity and help destigmatize the issue of colorectal cancer, Cottonelle and BLKHLTH have partnered in a campaign called "GoodDownThere".

In this episode Megan chats with Cottonelle's Cassie Begalle, Brand Manager for Cottonelle and Matthew McCurdy, Co-Founder of BLKHLTH - a nonprofit focused on the impact of racism on Black health.

They discuss how, specifically, the partnership is trying to tackle a tough issue through the use of humor and a celebrity partnership with actor and comedian Deon Cole, how they're working to spread broad awareness about this issue but also meet people where they are with the tools they need to conduct at-home screenings and much, much more.

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