Change Is In The Air


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Ten years ago EFG's Megan Strand and Selfish Giving's Joe Waters started a podcast - Cause Talk Radio, to be specific.

Today's episode is a little different. Instead of interviewing a guest, it's a transition episode. Megan is headed off to her next professional adventure and is retiring from the podcast. So today, Megan, Alli and Joe come together to relive some of their favorite podcast memories.

They talk about Megan and Joe's first-ever episode with Joe's good friend John Haydon back in 2012, more recent episodes like A "Fuel For Good" and advice Joe and Megan have for Alli as she carries on the torch.

Cause Talk Radio is going on summer vacation but don't fret, we'll be back in the fall with more great content! Until then, tune into today's episode for some great laughs, fond memories and inspiration for the road ahead.

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