Cancel Culture and Consumer Behavior Research With Porter Novelli’s Whitney Dailey


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One of the biggest challenges in the social impact space is putting metrics and measurements around purpose-focused initiatives and getting a handle on WHY consumers do the things that they do.

Luckily for us, Porter Novelli's Senior Vice President, Marketing, Research & Insights Whitney Dailey is on the case! In this episode, Whitney and Megan chat about two absolutely fascinating studies that have recently been released by Whitney and her team.

The first is about the prevalence of cancel culture (and what brands can do if they ARE cancelled). The second is a deep dive into consumer behavior and how emotional or "gut" reactions to brands can drive action and where purpose fits in that complex equation.

These are two studies you're going to want to read if you haven't already so buckle your seatbelts for some social impact data goodness with Whitney Dailey.

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