#10634 Open Forum - Karlo Broussard


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Questions Covered: 03:40 – I’ve noticed a non-Catholic friend go up to receive communion during Mass. What’s the Church’s official teaching on this? 13:42 – My Godson said he learned in Catholic school that your venial sins are forgiven during communion. I thought venial and mortal sins could only be forgiven during confession. Could you help clarify? 18:30 – Domestic Church Radio…Why did God throughout Salvation History demand a blood sacrifice? 23:40 – What’s a good book that shows that the Catholic Church is the one true Church? 28:50 – Why did Jesus not say “This is my body” at the feeding of 5,000? This would have been more convincing. 32:30 – Why do we only receive the host and not from the Chalice during communion? 38:50 – How do you properly dispose of a broken rosary? 40:55 – Why would abortion automatically excommunicate someone? Wouldn’t confession just solve it? 46:10 – Do I have a responsibility to talk to someone who has given up hope on salvation? How would I go about that? 51:16 – When the priest says that Jesus loves you more than your parents, what does that mean? …

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