#10633 Open Forum - Tim Staples


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Questions Covered: 03:26 – In the gospels, Jesus says he will not take away anything from the law but later he lets his disciples take things away. Can you clarify? 14:03 – Do we sacrifice Christ over and over again? Can you help me understand that and respond? 24:13 – Did Galileo get in trouble with the Church because he didn’t have enough evidence and was claiming Copernicanism as fact or was it because he was interpreting scripture as a scientist? 33:33 – The Pope came out with scripture in defense to bring LGBT people into the Church while allowing them to continue to live the lifestyle. Isn’t this contrary to the Church’s teaching? 46:20 – What is the best course of action to address churches named after the controversial “Our Lady of All Nations?” 50:10 – Why can’t women be priests? …

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