#10627 Open Forum - Tim Staples


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Questions Covered: 02:44 – What’s the culpability of Jazz? How culpable is a child and the parents when it comes to transitioning genders? 12:08 – Is the protestant doctrine of justification contrary to the Gospel? 19:02 – What’s the morality behind the use of marijuana? 24:10 – My ex-wife had an abortion before we were married, and I just found out. If the abortion excommunicated her, does that mean that she was no longer Catholic while we were married? Does this make the marriage invalid? 30:29 – Regarding Archbishop Gomez’s request to fast tomorrow, is the protocol for fasting the same as Ash Wed. and Good Friday? 35:57 – On the initiation of reconciliation, Jesus said “Whoever sins you retain are retained.” What does that mean? 43:04 – I’m currently a student at a protestant seminary and I’m convinced Catholicism is true. What can I do with my degree if I convert? How do I approach my marriage? 50:19 – Should I boycott buying from companies that support pro-abortion organizations? At what point is it ok to shop at certain stores? …

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