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Episode 109:

MENTORS, BOSSES, COOL CATS, & JIVE KITTIES | The Jockeys Discuss Their Mentors & Bosses. While Jon Is On Vacation, A Surprise Guest Joins The Jockeys To Fill In. Were you lucky enough to have a mentor that helped shape your life or career? Let the Jockeys know in the comments. You may get featured on a follow up episode.
*After recording this episode, we realized that there were other mentors we did not mention. These people played pivotal roles at different stages of our lives. Please forgive us, you will honored.
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The Catheter Jockeys | Host:
Rosevelt, RRA/RPA, RT (R) (VI)
Patrick, RT (R) (CT) (QM)
A.I. Little Jon, MD, DO, PhD, MBA, RPA, RRA, RT (R) (VI) (QM) (M) (MR) (CT) (NM) (T), RDMS...
Eddie, RT (R)
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