Into the Dream


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“There’s a place where I go that no one else knows,
Where mysteries abound and excitement grows.
A place out of reach of any man’s hands,
Safely secluded in a far away land
Beyond the grasp of those who may plunder
The wealth of its power and its life changing wonder.
I go alone to my secret place, never leaving a trace
For someone to follow and discover my space
Where I keep my secrets, my fears, and my regrets
Away from the world and all of its threats.
I treasure the moments spent in this realm
Where anything is possible and I’m at the helm.
This place I describe is all that it seems …
It’s a magical place I call my dreams.”

― Dreams by John Raines

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Andrew Bayer ― All This Will Happen Again

All India Radio ― Surf On The Malecon (Edit)

Arcade Fire ― Dimensions (Edit)

All India Radio ― Losing Houston

Rudy Adrian ― Watery Moon

Jonn Serrie ― Annie by the Sea

Chicane ― Fin De Jours

Wavestar ― Landfall (Edit)

Tim Hecker ― Boreal Kiss, Part 1

Ólafur Arnalds ― Lokadu Augunum

Erik Wøllo ― Sphere (Into the Dream)

Bliss ― Spun Glass

Alio Die ― Intramundia

Stars Of The Lid ― The Kraut

Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue ― Morning Spirit (Edit)

Gulan ― Abstracto

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