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New fourth-annual research report analyzes ransomware attack patterns that occurred between August 2021 and July 2022 In the past 12 months, Barracuda researchers identified and analyzed 106 highly publicized ransomware attacks and found the dominant targets are still five key industries: education, municipalities, healthcare, infrastructure, and financial. Researchers also saw a spike in the number of service providers that have been hit with a ransomware attack. The volume of ransomware threats detected spiked between January and June of this year to more than 1.2 million per month. Most ransomware attacks don’t make headlines, though. Many victims choose not to disclose when they get hit, and the attacks are often sophisticated and extremely hard to handle for small businesses. To get a closer look at how ransomware is affecting smaller businesses, the report details three examples that researchers have seen through Barracuda SOC-as-a-Service, the anatomy of each attack, and the solutions that can help stop these attacks.

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In the leadership and communications section, Attention CISOs: The Board Doesn’t Care About Buzzwords, The Best Managers Are Leaders — and Vice Versa, Firing Your Entire Cybersecurity Team? Are You Sure?, and more!

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