The nuclear industry dreams small


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Could the future of nuclear power be the mass production of cheap small modular reactors? Justin Rowlatt visits a UK-based consortium led by Rolls Royce that is trying to develop these factory-produced miniature power stations. But how much funding does their chief executive Tom Samson think they need from the UK government to get started, and how long will it take them to deliver their first reactor? Nuclear power has long had its sceptics. Greenpeace chief scientist Doug Parr explains why they continue to oppose nuclear on safety grounds, even as the need to find carbon-free sources of energy has become more urgent. Meanwhile, nuclear physicist M V Ramana of the University of British Columbia questions the business case for small reactors. Plus, clean energy consultant Michael Liebreich gives his view on how big - and competitive - the market for small modular reactors could be. Producer: Laurence Knight (Picture: Small modular reactor; Credit: Rolls Royce)

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