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Buffy S4 E6 "Wild at Heart"/Gilmore Girls S4 E6 "An Affair to Remember"
This week's episode of Gilmore Girls might be called "An Affair to Remember," but the Buffy episode certainly features a much bigger affair. As much as he wants to resist, Oz just can't keep his paws off a new mystery woman, while in Stars Hollow, a different new woman mysteriously can't keep her hands off of... Kirk? Though one is 1000% more employed than the other, both Giles and Digger rock a subtle 5 o'clock shadow. Due to actions beyond their control, Emily and Willow are dealt emotional blows and both act the hell out of it. And Bryan tells an embarrassing trick-or-treating story.
Has our use of the phrase "not good nubs" got you curious? Do yourself a favor and check out this sketch for reference.
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Introduction - 0:00
Buffy S4 E6: Wild at Heart - 4:15
Meanwhile on Charmed - 27:55
Gilmore Girls S4 E6: An Affair to Remember - 31:12
The Winner - 1:02:45
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