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Gilmore Girls S4 E5 "The Fundamental Things Apply"/Buffy S4 E5 "Beer Bad"
Both Rory and Buffy are weirdly pressured into interacting with a group 4 dorky college guys, but from there these episodes take MUCH different paths. Both women struggle with rejection and the fact that not every relationship needs to be immediately serious. While Tana explains the power of a woman's musk, we get to witness it firsthand over in Sunnydale. While Rory dives into the world of casual dating, Parker mansplains casual sex to Willow. Lorelai tries to comfort Luke by having a movie night, but maybe somebody should do the same for Giles? He seems not okay...
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Introduction - 0:00
Gilmore Girls S4 E5: The Fundamental Things Apply - 4:47
Meanwhile on Charmed - 43:33
Buffy S4 E5: Beer Bad - 46:56
The Winner - 1:12:32
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