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Buffy S6 E4 "Flooded"/Gilmore Girls S6 E4 "Always a Godmother, Never a God"
While Willow and Rory continue to grow more confident in their abilities (witchcraft/hosting), Buffy and Logan are suddenly overwhelmed by the responsibilities of adulthood (paying mortgages/inheriting billion-dollar companies). Lorelai forgives Sookie for that stunt she pulled, but Giles does NOT forgive Willow for sh*t! Both episodes feature adults sleeping in living rooms. Both episodes end with girls being invited on spontaneous trips out of town. Though Xander can't commit to adulting, Nick Offerman's character is VERY adult. And find out if we were sprinklers or dunkers!
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Introduction - 0:00
Buffy S6 E4: Flooded - 5:18
Meanwhile on Charmed - 38:17
Gilmore Girls S6 E4: Always a Godmother, Never a God - 43:44
The Winner - 1:13:07
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