Another portal departure for Buckeyes | Will there be any arrivals? | NFL Draft predictions


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There is much to discuss on today's show as Matt Baxendell joins Dave Biddle. Marcus Hooker is the latest Ohio State player to put his name in the transfer portal. Are we surprised at any of the recent departures? How will this impact depth for the Buckeyes?

Also, will Ohio State look for an offensive lineman and perhaps another player or two in the portal? Is it time that the Buckeyes become importers and not just exporters? (Tip of the cap to Seinfeld.) Ohio State is now one under the limit of 85 scholarships.

Furthermore, what's going on with OSU's situation at kicker?

And of course the NFL Draft kicks off tomorrow night. We predict where each of the Buckeyes will get selected.

All of that and more is coming your way on the Wednesday 5ish.

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