3 keys to a smooth morning launch


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You know that a good day starts with a good morning. But it only takes one missing shoe to throw off the entire flow of those early hours…

Perfect mornings aren’t about being mistake-free. They are about handling things that come your way (while having enough time to get out the door).

In this episode, you’ll discover the three keys to feeling calmer, in control, and on top of things in the morning.

Show highlights include:

  • Why a morning of smooth sailing starts with these three tasks the night before (4:20)
  • Using Operation Notepad to optimize and execute your perfect morning (9:58)
  • How to avoid free-falling through your morning tasks with these ready-to-go essentials (12:18)
  • Why planning your morning around ‘Murphy’s Law of Parenting’ makes you calmer (16:23)


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