Where Are We Heading? Bret Speaks with Peter Boghossian


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Bret Speaks with Peter Boghossian on a multitude of subjects surrounding wokeism, Covid, and the endpoint of our present course.

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(00:00) Introduction

(04:20) Sponsors

(08:08) Woke ideology and confirmation bias

(13:00) Professors and institution’s culture

(17:30) Thinking critically

(24:21) Shared characteristics of woke

(30:38) Responding to friends who you disagree with

(37:22) Pandemic and expertise

(43:22) I stopped listening to NPR when...

(51:06) Is Wokeism an existential threat?

(56:00) The Selfish Gene and culture

(01:03:00) Is Wokeism seeded by foreign entities?

(01:10:12) New atheists and woke

(01:14:28) Wrap up

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