Elon Musk, Twitter, and Free Speech: Bret Speaks with Jim Rutt


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Bret speaks with Jim Rutt about Elon Musk's move to takeover Twitter and free speech on social media.

Jim is an American businessman and entrepreneur, the former CEO of Network Solutions, and the former chairman of the Santa Fe Institute.



Mentioned in this episode:

Jim's article for Quillette on Elon Musk takeover:


Game b website:



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(00:00) Introduction

(02:37) Opposition to communism

(06:48) Emancipation party and game b

(10:59) Sponsor

(12:39) Game b spore mode

(16:25) What is game b?

(21:26) Jim’s article on Quillette on Elon Musk

(25:06) Where to draw the line with free speech?

(33:58) Doxxing and privacy, serious crime advocacy, and dangerous content

(35:55) Point of view moderation

(40:27) Dealing with fringe ideas

(45:30) Doxxing and Bret’s vax mandate example

(50:28) Jim’s proposal for moderation rules

(58:00) Bret’s modifications to Jim’s proposal

(01:03:19) Jim’s disagreements with Bret

(01:08:52) Algorithm transparency and shadow banning

(01:12:15) Is Elon correct about algorithm transparency?

(01:21:10) Can Elon solve Twitter?

(01:30:47) String theory

(01:34:03) Is Elon the benevolent dictator we need?

(01:39:24) Start up mentality

(01:46:17) Wrap up

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