Cold Confusion: Alexandros Marinos unpacks the TOGETHER Trial with Bret


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Bret speaks with Alexandros Marinos, who has analyzed the TOGETHER trial, which aims to identify effective repurposed therapies to prevent the disease progression of COVID-19.

Alexandros is the Founder/CEO of & aspiring practical philosopher. Find him on:

Mentioned in this episode:


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(00:00) Introduction

(03:11) Better Skeptics project – analyzing COVID podcasts

(08:12) TOGETHER trial and its timeline

(15:35) Ads

(19:08) Dosage & initial TOGETHER trial design

(25:29) Confusing paper and placebo group dropout?

(31:23) IVM dose too low and new protocol

(35:04) Trial recruitment over time and key 10-week period

(43:42) Systemic errors

(51:33) Placebo arm from earlier period?

(57:11) Trial data not being released

(01:02:27) Exclusion criteria flipped

(01:06:38) Hypothesis on algorithm rebalancing arms

(01:13:35) Allocation to Fluvoxamine arm

(01:17:12) TOGETHER trial authors believe IVM has an effect

(01:20:15) Credible intervals and Bayesian statistics

(01:25:55) Will we ever get the full story?

(01:30:28) Dosing and weight limit

(01:34:52) Background use of IVM in Brazil

(01:47:19) “Independent” committee monitoring trial

(01:54:29) Cavallo study and inconsistency in response

(01:57:41) Press releases and cold confusion

(02:09:27) Wrap up

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