Can we Break Free? Bret Speaks with Michael Shellenberger


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Bret Speaks with Michael Shellenberger regarding his recent gubernatorial campaign in California. They discuss the difficulty inherent in running for political office outside of the two major parties. In addition, they touch on topics ranging from nuclear power to Covid, and how we might go about escaping the modern predicament we have landed in.

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(00:00) Introduction

(01:40) Bret misjudged Michael

(04:20) Sponsors

(05:45) Disappointment from election

(07:40) Yang, Amash, Gabbard

(10:20) IDW for political change and previous elections

(14:32) Andrew Yang and lone wolf disease

(20:55) Third party and hidden tribes report

(31:45) Party identity

(34:40) Lack of endorsements

(41:12) Homelessness coverage is now more balanced

(43:52) Michael Shellenberger on COVID

(45:35) Bret's COVID position

(01:04:20) Critics of Bret's ivm position

(01:13:52) COVID dissidents

(01:18:30) Nuclear weapons

(01:28:10) Nuclear energy

(01:33:52) Energy transitions and fusion

(01:41:30) Spent fuel rods and fuel pools

(01:48:40) Fukushima and Chernobyl

(02:00:32) Deaths from Nuclear, fentanyl, COVID

(02:04:22) Water cooled nuclear plants and coolants

(02:08:25) Human factors and Three Mile Island

(02:11:20) Dealing with spent fuel fires

(02:20:40) Dry cast storage

(02:25:20) Power grid down

(02:37:40) WIPP project

(02:45:50) What would Bret do with energy

(02:50:00) Nuclear war inevitable

(02:59:30) Bret's skepticism

(03:03:00) Wrap up

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