#14 Oxygen Advantage Coach Grey Caws Talks all things Functional Breathing | TAKE A DEEP BREATH | BREATHCAST


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Breathcast Interview with Top Oxygen Advantage Instructor Grey Caws
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Welcome to TAKE A DEEP BREATH (TADB), here you will find a huge variety of Breathing Exercises for Health, Relaxation & Motivation, as well as interviews with the worlds leading experts in Breathwork and Wellness.
Our breathing tutorials will help you cope with stress and anxiety, raise your energy and improve your immune system.
Our video library has a wide variety of breathing exercises such as The Wim Hof Method, The Buteyko Method, Box Breathing, Breath of Fire and many other Yoga breathwork pranayama’s.
Breathwork has been an integral part of Yoga for centuries, and now with the help of people such as Wim Hof, Patrick McKeown, and Joe Rogan, breathwork is now part of mainstream society.
These Breathing exercises are extremely powerful and act as mindfulness meditation, breathwork allows you to activate your parasympathetic nervous system which reduces the stress hormone cortisol.
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