The Crown of Idiocy


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Greetings, Mortals!

Our heroes Adramire Molock and Ælar Drakal wrestle with their consciences as they are faced with difficult decisions on their quest to find three items that will grant Adramire magical powers. Just how far will our adventurers go to acquire what they seek? How will they grapple with the consequences? And is it all worth it to fight The Darkness?

Break the Dice is an improvised podcast in the style of a classic D&D adventure.

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Our performers:

Game Master / Allen Voigt: Instagram: @prettgoodstories

Ælar Drakal / Tyler Michaels King: Website:, Insta: @tylermichaelsking, Twitter: @tylermichaels

Adramire Molock / Joe Rapp: Twitter and Instagram: @fakejoerapp

NPC / Maria Bartholdi: Twitter and Instagram: @MissMariapants

NPC / MJ Marsh: Instagram: @mj_marsh_

NPC / Tyler Mills: Twitter: @tydmills

Accompanist / Jack Barrett: Website:, Instagram: @jackbarrettmusic

Some background ambiance courtesy of: Tabletop Audio // Support them on Patreon

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