How to Find Your Genius Ft. Kelly Trach


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“I really believe that your genius is as unique as your fingerprint. At the end of the day, You are the competitive advantage. And when you weave in your gifts and your red thread and everything you've been through in your life, you are creating not just a product or thing, but you're creating the articulation of your own soul. And that's something that other people just wouldn't be able to do.” - Kelly Trach Welcome to Brave and Boss with Kristi Soomer. Today’s guest, Kelly Trach, is a mentor of mine for my coaching business. In this episode, we discuss finding your genius and ditching self-doubt so you can finally thrive in your business. Find links, resources mentioned, and full show notes at: Don't forget to subscribe-rate-review. It's super easy and helps me to reach MORE creative entrepreneurs just like you! Connect with me on Twitter: YouTube: LinkedIn: Pinterest: Instagram:

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