The Brand of You (Why it Matters) | Ep. 183


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This week we're talking about the brand of you. What does that mean, and how can it work to your advantage? If I had to describe to people personal branding, the brand of you, and branding yourself, what does that mean? Why is that important?

If you are replaceable, you are a commodity. The key is how do you make yourself into something that people want that is irreplaceable? That's when this idea of a brand came about for me.


  • Discover the 3 key reasons for becoming a personal brand
  • Recognize why you need a reputation more than a resume
  • Find out what it takes to succeed with branding


"I thought to myself, well, what matters is reputation. A resume is great, but reputation is what matters. All I was was a resume. I had no reputation. That was a scary thought."

"What is it that people find when people Google search you? How do you change those results, and how do you become more findable with what you want them to find?"

"When you start on the journey of creating the brand of you, you have to recognize that it is a journey."


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