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Welcome back to yourself, welcome home!
Sara was a member of REATTACH. She joined while going through a divorce, looking for emotional support and the truth. She found it and more. I'm so happy to have been a part of her journey.
Fear and other less-preferred emotions can take over us, blinding us to who we really are and what we are capable of. Our options seem limited during thoswe times, and the options we can see don't often seem appealing. When we remove those distortions and get back in touch with the core of ourselves, we are free. Welcome home.
REATTACH: This group will move you from a place of insecurity in love to a secure and confident position in your relationships and as an individual. You will learn and apply practical tools to reconfigure unhelpful patterns that have kept you in the same negative relationships cycles, including: identifying and expressing your emotional needs, managing and reducing the effect of your triggers, getting clear on how past relational issues with parents and significant romantic partners affect how you relate in the present, and how to solidify your identity on the secure side of the attachment spectrum. Limited to 10 women.
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