Spark Your Spiritual Side feat. The Badd Buddha


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Jade is the Badd Buddha! She is a walking, talking Light. I really believe all of the issues I’ve faced and all the problems I work on with my clients are ultimately rooted in spiritual disconnections (remembering that your relationship with yourself IS a spiritual connection); so talking to Jade who not only gets it, but who is so committed to helping others heal was a real treat :) I had a lot of options for the soundbite from this episode, because it’s so PACKED. But, I chose this one because of what she says at the end of it… That we are all better when we behave in ways that are supportive of each other.

Listen to us get into:

-what happens when you realize what you want isn’t what you’ve been getting

-Jade’s spiritual awakening

-how her divorce was a catalyst for spiritual liberation

-how to use your emotions as a guide to get back to your natural state of joy

-importance / function of being still with yourself

we also mention Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth and Insight Timer, a free meditation app.
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