Relationship Goals feat. Matilda Adu


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Matilda! She needs an exclamation point after her name every time, in my opinion. Matilda Adu is spreading love and confidence to women through dance, mental health, and cannabis! See her website here
Matilda and I have seen each other make some pretty *interesting* relationship decisions through grad school and when we lived together for a year here in Atlanta. It's a really beautiful thing for us to be able to have this conversation together about where we are now and how our decisions and perspectives have made such huge shifts.
She's going to talk about #RelationshipGoals and why people are so obsessed with them and why that's so problematic. She talks about the importance of being present in your relationship, the role of gratitude while experiencing your partner, and your responsibility to take care of yourself while being intimately connected to who you're with.
Who better to wrap this season than Matilda? Follow her on Instagram here @yeslikethemovie
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