Daddy Issues feat. Christian Jackson


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Christian Jackson is in my top 5 favorite therapists, easily. I pre-ordered her book Daddy Issues (got my signed copy) before she and I ever had a conversation and now I recommend it to my clients all the time.
She's going to break down what a "Daddy Issue" is and the archetypes of women who have them. I love how Christian is open about how her own issues with her father and how they manifested in her life, because I can totally relate. Maybe you can too!
The chapters of the book outline how Daddy Issues affect ALL of your relationships - friends, romantic partners, co-workers, etc. If you have an attachment issue in one place, she knows it's showing up with others as well. These are things we are simply unaware of at first, but with some reflection and work (hopefully with a therapist), we can acknowledge them and begin to do something different and better for ourselves and the people we love.
I encourage you to check out her content and get a copy of her book!
Christian Jackson, LPC, CACI, NCC
Licensed Mental Health and Wellness Professional Homegirl ;)
Daddy Issues Expert
Christian's website|
Or @couchwithchristian

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